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4 ways to make Monday’s better (if that’s possible)
I know I’m a little late to salvage today but save these for next Monday.
#1.)  Dress Up. Wearing your best outfit makes you more confident.  And just looking like you're ready for work tends to make you FEEL more ready for work.
#2.)  Do Something Nice for Someone.  Or do something nice for the whole office, like bringing donuts to work.  Research has shown that one of the best ways to improve your mood is to make someone ELSE happy.
#3.)  Prepare for Monday on Friday.  If there's something at work that you dread doing on Mondays, get a head start on Friday if you can.
Not only will you lighten your workload for Monday, you’ll feel better over the weekend knowing part of your Monday is done.
#4.)  Make a List of Things You're Excited for This Week.  Doesn’t have to involve work at all. Just write down three things you're looking forward to . . . like your favorite TV show, or having drinks with friends.
Or do what Shane did this morning. He called in on his way to a charity golf fundraiser. Said he called in sick…But his boss heard and called him to make a $100 donation for his tournament which is raising money to fight diabetes. How about that!!!!


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03/04/2013 9:07AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-4
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