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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-27

Since we all live in an office world of cubicles….we talked Cubicle Etiquette this morning. Here’s the short list of “crimes of the cubicle”.
Maybe you can glue it to a piece of cardboard and post.  You might want to check with H-R first..LOL!!
Personal Grooming: Filing and clipping your nails, flossing your teeth, brushing your hair  please just stop right now! If you wouldn't do it in front of your boss, don't do it in front of your co-workers!
Excessive Decorating: Every holiday does not need to be celebrated as big and as bold as possible. Your cubicle is not a Hallmark store. Keep it simple and professional.
Taking off your shoes: If your shoes are uncomfortable, don't wear them to work! Taking off your shoes is rude and tacky. Wait until you get home, please.
Checking your dating profile: Bad idea – especially if your surfing habits are monitored ... which they probably are. And do you really want your nosy cube mate to know about your personal life?
Accumulating old food: Throw out your old coffee cups and leftover lunch containers – they are really gross. Unless you work in a lab and are conducting some kind of experiment, no one wants to be subjected to your moldy latte leftovers from a week ago!
Swearing: Be wary of who is around you. Not everyone is comfortable with your sailor speak, and it comes off as immature and unprofessional.
There you have it….What needs to be added?



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03/27/2013 10:03AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-27
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03/27/2013 4:07PM
Cubicle Etiquette
Seriously Lissa if your co-worker hasn't flossed their teeth before coming in to work they should see a Periodontist.
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