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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-15

We had a few laughs over this today…the top 4 convenience store etiquette rules.
Sam is a regular…I am not but are these ever perfect!!!
#1.)  Know How to Use the Credit Card Machine.  Why is it that convenience store customers never know how to use these?.
#2.)  Don't Scratch Off Your Lottery Tickets Right Next to the Register.  You know the person… buys a ticket then scratches it off while they're still standing in line and is that because they don’t want to get the end of the line to cash it in if they win a few bucks.
And even if you're just taking up counter space and you're KIND OF in someone's way, it's still rude. 
#3.)  Don't Trash the Soda Fountain Area.  If you spill something at HOME, you clean it up.  But for some reason that mentality doesn't always exist at convenience stores, because you figure someone's being PAID to do it. Which is true.  But at the very least, let an employee know there's a spill.  Or better yet, wipe it up with napkins.  Then when you're done wiping it up, throw the wet napkins in the trash.  Don't just leave them sitting on the counter.
#4.)  If It's a Gas Station, Don't Park at the Pump.  I have to confess…this has been me…and I know better. After you fill up at a gas station when it's busy, move your car to a parking space before you go inside, so someone ELSE can fill up. But on my behalf…I only do it if I see t here is no parking space to go to.
Any other ones we need to pass along?  Isn’t is true…that going into a convenience store now a days can be an experience!!!!

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03/15/2013 9:46AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-15
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