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Could you do this? I know I couldn’t…and even Sam who I always love to tease for being cheap (although he really isn’t) couldn’t even do it.
The Dunning family of 6 in Davis is not spending any money in February.
They got their credit card bills in January for what they spent over the holidays and said enough is enough….
So they went to Costco January 31st…and bought for the month….butter, pasta, nuts, peanut butter, meat. The only thing they couldn’t stock up on was milk..so they will buy that…but that’s it.
No gas for the car. The mom and dad live close enough to walk to work. No money at Starbucks, no movie tickets, no new clothes, nothing but milk.
Could you do it? And for an entire month? Does a day ever go buy when you don’t spend something?
Makes you think doesn’t it. I can hear Suze Orman “Write a list of everything you spend money on…and cross off what you don’t need”. Interesting exercise!!!

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02/08/2012 9:27AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-8
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