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Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-6

This just cracked me up this morning……the people you had at your Super Bowl party who you probably won’t ask back.
#1.)  The Person Who's Way Too Excited About the Halftime Show 
#2.)  The Person Who Cared More About the Ads  than the Game.  They never said a word during the football game, but when the commercials came on….they never shut up!! 
#3.)  The Serious Gambler.  The person who kept checking to see if he or she won the office pool….and then either griped the whole time or never stopped celebrating. 
#4.)  The Football "Expert."  He's the guy who used to play in high school, and felt the need to break down each play for everyone else.
#5.)  The Person Who Mainly Came for the Food.  He or she took one of the prime seats on the couch . . . but only to be close to the snacks.
 #6.)  The Guy Who Disagreed with Whatever the Broadcasters Said.  Even if they were right, he'd find SOMETHING to disagree with.
 #7.)  The Guy Who Insisted on High-Fiving Everyone After a Big Play.  And not just the people sitting next to him.  He actually stood up and walked across the room to make sure he got everyone.
#8) The person who wanted the Giants to win and you wanted the Patriots. I’m afraid I’ve been this person before…and yes I never got invited back.
So what’s the count…How many of these people won’t be at your party next year? LOL!!!http://www.facebook.com/SamVanZandtKBAY


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02/06/2012 9:24AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-6
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