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Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-29

You think this is true that we spend almost two hours a day, every day, CLEANING? How can that be? Multiply that by 7….and that would we mean we spend almost 14 hours a week cleaning….they say for women, the average is 15.6 hours…for men its 10.2 hours.
Now, I like my house to be neat and it’s true right now I’m living alone but for the 2 cats and the dog , but there’s no way I spend more than a few minutes a day straightening up.  How can you spend that much time every day cleaning? Don’t you have TV to watch…LOL!!!
So please explain…I don’t get it. It seems impossible. Set me straight.!!!!
And if you really want to make it sound bad…an average of 14 hours a week for your entire adult life would add up to over 41 thousand hours of cleaning….or about 4.5 years of your life.  Maybe it’s worth it to hire a cleaning woman….you think?
Or have more kids and make them do it…..

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02/29/2012 9:33AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-29
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