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Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-24

So it’s true, there is a disorder called a “Case of the Mondays”
And I’m guessing most of us had it this morning, except for Toni who at 7:10 won 5th row seats to Lionel Richie on June 1st.
But to back you up for next Sunday night when you want to call in sick….
71% of women and 62% of men show legitimate signs of anxiety and possibly even depression on Sunday evening, because they’re THAT upset about going back to work.
One-third even drink the night before just to cope….and another one third have to give themselves a PEP TALK to get out of bed Monday morning.
One in five people have called in a fake sick day on a Monday in the past year because they truly were suffering from a “Case of the Mondays”.
This is the stat we liked today….that Mondays are so unproductive, we only get about three and a half hours of work done. So according to that scenario…Sam and I should have left about 8.
But there is one good thing about Monday. If you’re looking for a job, for some reason, it is the best day to send out your resume. That one I don’t get and I hope I don’t have to remember it…I haven’t looked for a job in 26 years. I don’t even have a resume. I don’t have any wood nearby so is there such a saying as “Knock on my Computer”.  LOL


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02/24/2014 10:10AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-24
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