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Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-24

Yeah…a weekend. That felt good. Lets do it again…Yeah…a weekend!!!!
Sam hurt his back so I know he’ll be in the “lying on the couch” position.
I get my daughter for the weekend…Well a few hours of the weekend. Victoria is a CPA so you know what she’s doing until April 15th. But she’s with Mom so you know a little bit of shopping must be coming. It’s always so much more fun to shop when Mom has her credit cards..LOL!!!!
And Sunday… the Oscar watching for me usually starts at noon on the E Network. The first couple of hours are usually so boring I fall asleep and then wake up in time for the official start of the red carpet about 4.
But before that….You’ve got the Jobs fair Saturday from 9-12 with the San Jose Giants at Muni Stadium.  How much fun would that be….especially the job of Fun Zone Attendant.  If you want more info or even an application go to sjgiants.com
And if you have a son or daughter who has done gymnastics or still loves to flip, fly, tumble and trampoline there’s the annual Spirit of the Flame Challenge tonite through Sunday at the San Jose Convention Center…This is the “springboard” to the 2012 Olympic Trials at HP Pavilion in August.  Sounds like quite a show…
 One more thing for your weekend…and this one is mobile…You can take it with you…  the Sam and Lissa Show from 10-3 !!!!

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02/24/2012 9:37AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-24
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