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Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-23

Had fun this morning with the 7 Worst Things You can Say to your Spouse.
I think these apply much more to husbands…because as we all know wives are perfect. LOL!!! Anyway…see how many of these you’ve said in a totally disgusted tone of voice.
1. I do everything around here!
2. You’re never here!
3. Stop! You’re doing it wrong
4. Why do I always have to ask for your help?
5. I’m NOT your mother!
6.You just don’t get it!
7. I can’t take it anymore.
 SO did we get all 7?….Is there a number 8 or 9?

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02/23/2012 9:50AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-23
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02/23/2012 11:26AM
7 Worst Things You Can Say
I've NEVER said any of those things to my husband, maybe that's why we've stayed married for 32 years! :)
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