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Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-22

If you have toddlers or maybe grandkids, you may want to keep this list handy.
The 25 words and phrases scientists agree every toddler should be able to say before age 3. Actually there are over 300 words in all for a toddlers vocabulary but they say anything from 75 to 225 is normal… And most of them are “No”. Just kidding!!!
The top 25 are pretty basic….mommy, daddy, milk, baby, juice, banana, cookie, more, all gone, hello, bye-bye, thank you, yes , NO, not, dog, cat, hat , bath, ball, book, car, shoe, nose and eye.
They say a small vocabulary at the age of 2 could  indicate deafness, autism or dyslexia.
By 2 and a half, kids who still struggle with simple words may  need speech therapy. But all of this age stuff may mean nothing at all. They could be late bloomers. I didn’t start talking till I was three…and listen to me now!!! I think it was because I had two older brothers and they did all the talking for me…but either way…I caught up…and so will a lot of other kids!!!!

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02/22/2012 9:26AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-22
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