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Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-21

I think this might be my favorite story of the day.
Only sad that I didn’t see it earlier in the morning.
Every single one of us has put money in the office vending machine and
Watched as our candy or bag of potato chips get stuck in the wire thingie.
You kick it, you hit it, you put more money in it hoping the old and the new package will drop…and so often neither does.
So let me introduce you to Robert of Milford, Iowa. He went to buy a Twix bar in his warehouse vending machine. It got stuck.  After banging it and shaking it to no avail, he put the second buck in. Still nothing!!
Then he got the great idea of getting behind the wheel of his 8000 pound forklift. After picking up and dropping the vending machine over and over again his Twix finally fell out…along with 2 more. All of a sudden he had 3 Twix bars.
5 days later he got fired. He filed for unemployment but the Judge wouldn’t give it to him saying he showed a willful disregard for his boss’s property and deserved to be fired.
And the moral of this story?
Bring in your own snacks!!


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02/21/2014 9:45AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-21
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