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Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-20

You burned up my FB post this morning with the stupid things you did as a kid.
Ever wonder how we all survived?
I have to add the 8 we got online just in case you missed a few of them this morning.
Some of these aren’t that far different from what you did.
1.  "I wanted to be a garbage truck . . . so I bit into a light bulb."
 2.  "I came up with a brilliant scheme where I'd always overpay for things so I could get lots of change back . . . and therefore become wealthy."
 3.  "I loved ginger ale, so I thought eating a spoonful of powdered ginger from the spice rack would be delicious."
 4.  "I decided to test our 'no tears' shampoo by squeezing it directly into my eye."
 5.  "I built a little house using an umbrella, bricks, a bucket, and a deck chair.  To prove to my mom how real and functional the house was, I pooped in the bucket."
 6.  "I wanted to see what salt smelled like.  I was at McDonald's, opened a packet of salt, poured it on a French fry, stuck it in my nose, and inhaled.  I ended up running around the McDonald's screaming."
 7.  "When I was eight, my friend and I made a parachute out of my bed sheets . . . and jumped from the third floor of my house.  Both of us broke both of our legs."
8.   "I put my finger in a light bulb socket so I could see my skeleton, like in cartoons."
I don’t get that first one either…..What does that mean? The rest of them I totally understood. And sadly, a few of them made perfect sense…
Happy rest of your Thursday!!!
And try not to do something stupid. LOL!!!


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02/20/2014 9:54AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-20
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