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Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-18

We talked about this morning….the things in your house that you could get rid of right now. If you did, you wouldn’t even miss them…but you’d probably have a lot of empty drawer or cabinet space. And then hey…you could start saving the same things again..LOL
So here’s the list of 30.
Let me know how many you have.
And just what is the deal about throwing this stuff out. Why are we so resistant?
  1. The empty ice cream carton that’s a spoonful away from being empty.
  2. Anything in the freezer that you don’t recognize.
  3. The extra button packets for clothes. I must have hundreds in a drawer. I probably don’t even own half the sweaters and blouses anymore.
  4. Stained t-shirts from college
  5. Old holiday cards that were mailed to you
  6. Plastic grocery bags under the sink. Mine are now all paper!!!
  7. Your 2013 calendar
  8. Plastic cups or glasses you get at fast food restaurants or ballparks.
  9. All the receipts in your wallet.
  10. Stacks of old magazines
  11. Expired coupons
  12. Envelopes you caught because you needed to remember an address. I actually just save the corner that has the address. I’ve got a ton of them in my address book.
  13. Old post-its or to-do lists
  14. Old invites to things you’ve already gone to.
  15. Anything you took from your parent’s home out of guilt.
  16. Supplies for hobbies you never got into.
  17. Old textbooks. Actually not mine but my girls’ from college.
  18. Old paperbacks you’ll never read again.
  19. VHS tapes and DVDs that didn’t change your life.
  20. Recipes you tried but didn’t like.
  21. Expired meds.
  22. Office supplies you’ll never use.
  23. Tupperware without a lid.
  24. Old batteries
  25. Instruction manuals for appliances you already know how to use.
  26. Tea that’s more than a few months old. Mine’s probably years old. I didn’t know it went bad.
  27. Cables and cords that don’t go with anything.
  28. Shopper loyalty cards. Don’t you just punch in your phone number.
  29. Extra chopsticks from ordering Chinese take out.
  30. Single serve condiments you stole from fast food places. And why have we put them all on inside of our refrig door?
Your number please?


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02/18/2014 10:01AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-18
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