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Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-1

Shared some of these today..and still chuckling ….Signs you’re at a bad Super Bowl Party and its time to leave..
--At halftime a huge fight breaks out . . . over whether or not Beyoncé was lip-synching.
--A guy in a Ray Lewis jersey stabs someone with the pâté spreader.
--Nobody really cares about the 49ers .
--They have the TV on mute, and "Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits" on repeat. (Wait a second, I want to be at that party!!!)
--In honor of Beyoncé, everyone in attendance pre-recorded their dialogue.
--The game is wide open.  Just like the sores on the hands of the guy digging through the spinach dip.
--For some reason, no one's talking about the steady stream of blood leaking from the microwave.
--The chili is vegetarian, the beer is non-alcoholic, and the conversation is about gluten.
--With the game tied in the fourth quarter, the host grabs the remote and declares, "This is boring.  Let's see what's happening on the Kardashians!" (okay, another party to stay at!!!)
--Everyone's too busy live Tweeting the game to interact with each other.
 --No one there is watching the game . . . because they're too busy posting pictures of the guacamole dip on Facebook.
 --Five of the seven layers in the dip are the same.
Go Niners!!!!
Can’t wait till we meet again on Monday….and together CELEBRATE our team!!!!

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02/01/2013 9:48AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-1
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