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I knew if we women waited long enough…male researchers would finally come up with something we’re better at. But this..I never expected!!!!..that we women are better at parking a car than men.
How about that? Researchers spent a month studying film from hidden cameras and watched about 2500 drivers park their cars. And look at this..while it takes women longer on average to park, they’re better at centering the car into the parking space ….and we were much better at finding a place to put our car. Why would this be?….because men are so darn impatient. They want their space and they want it now..LOL!!!
And from what I’ve seen from Italy.. I think not only are we women better at parking cars.I’m thinking we’re better at parking cruise ships as well!!!!
Bring this up at dinner tonite  …See what your spouse or significant other has to say..... 
P.S. I don’t think this study involved parallel parking… That I can not do. I am infamous from getting out of my car…in the middle of the street and having one of my daughters or whoever is in the passenger seat park it for me. Don’t recall ever seeing a man do that….


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02/01/2012 9:20AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 2-1
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