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Are you like me..in holiday overdrive?
Sam and I were saying this morning it’s like we’re punch drunk…
And he doesn’t even drink!!
Last night I was with my Morgan Hill girlfriends. I use the term Morgan Hill loosely as half of us no longer live there but we’re at a nice restaurant-Ladera—enjoying a nice glass of wine and yes just one. So the waiter pours some wine into my glass and then leaves a small carafe next to it with the remaining wine.  I’m busy talking and taking a sip and my friend Sharon looks at me and asks “Lissa what are you doing?” I was sipping my wine from the carafe!!!! OMG.!!! And then I started laughing so hard I couldn’t even order my meal. The waiter had to come back to me.
But that’s what I mean…about being in overdrive…between KBAY and my other life…
So many events..so much running around…so so tired… I know I’m not alone….we’re all running here and there..and everywhere  And we’ve still got how many days to go…20?  Oh my..give me another glass of wine!! Just keep the carafe in the bar.


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12/05/2012 9:38AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 12-5
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