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Sam and Lissa's Blog 12-21

So yesterday we had the worst gifts to give women….from MSN.Com.So today it’s the men’s turn. Things not to get guys…
1. Clothes for a better version of him --That usually means clothes that just aren't his style, which in turn is a not-so-subtle hint that you don't like what he's wearing. If he likes casual, don't buy high end.
 2. The saccharine stuff --Women love the mushy stuff but men just don't dig syrupy schmaltz. Otherwise, they'd have sat through "The English Patient" with you on re-runs. Flannel PJs with a really cute heart pattern? A CD of love songs…Nah…
 3. Kitchen and bath bric-a-brac --A toaster oven? No, mom buys him the toaster-oven. Now, if you find a toaster-oven with 38 electronic widgets attached to it, that's a good gift. And don't get the fancy figurines or other lunatic curios what may look great on a fireplace mantle, just not HIS fireplace mantle.
 4. Self-help anything --Men don't want you to change them; they want you to love them. Unless he mentioned wanting that Boflex contraption, or God forbid, a nose-hair trimmer, don't get it. And that goes for self-help books about behavior, either towards you or in his career goals. Letting him believe that you think he's perfect is actually the greatest gift you can give! At least until the divorce.
 5. Elaborate handmade gifts --Most guys can't even deal with a fine painting, let alone craft gifts. When's the last time you saw a guy get excited about buying a frame for some photographs. When's the last time he got excited about photographs?
 6. Bonus tip: Unlike women, men actually enjoy getting small appliances --not necessarily a domestic appliance, but more a gadget. Ya know that gadget you couldn't possibly imagine owning? He'd love it. Oh, and anything that involves a plasma screen is very, very good, too, though very expensive, but you just adore him, right?
And just what did Sam and Lissa get for each other this year..
We both were so right on..
For me..and as of a 3 days ago..he still had no idea..but he gave me perfect stuff. The new Danielle Steel book, a leather passport case (I’m leaving for Thailand) and a popcorn carton with movie tickets and Flicks candy!!
For him..I got a great Izod Sweater that he is already wearing and it looks snazzy….the latest season on DVD of Mad Men..I get that every year so he’s got a nice collection for some day when the show isn’t on…and a Mr. Coffee pot !!!
One day he told me he doesn’t have a coffee pot you can program so every morning he has to go downstairs and brews himself a cup of coffee…Come Monday, he wont have to do that…It will be all ready for him!!!
Hope you have as much fun as we did opening our gifts this morning…
We do adore each other!!!!



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12/21/2012 9:12AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 12-21
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