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Sam and Lissa's Blog 12-2

Am I the only one who noticed some really great retail workers
at the stores this weekend. I don’t know what it was like on Thanksgiving Day, but I did go out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And I was taken aback at how nice everyone was…and how much patience they all had. Too bad not all of the customers are like that.  I do a lot of shopping at Macys and there’s a guy named Don who the last few weeks has waited on me over and over again. He was hired for the holidays.  He had been out of work and I’ve got to tell you he was so helpful-so patient-and had a comment -but a funny or cute comment about everything I bought. He told me he hoped he got to keep his job after Christmas and I hope he does too. In fact, I tracked down a manager just to put in the good word for him. Are there more Don’s working the stores right now? You know there are. And if you run across one take a second find a manager and tell them about their star employees. Could make such a difference in that person's life!

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12/02/2013 9:42AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 12-2
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