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Sam and Lissa's Blog 12-18

This time of year…as we hustle and bustle…and try and make everything perfect…how about stopping to smell the roses . Maybe I should say stop and smell the Ch?ristmas tree....LOL
Either way,  I’m glad we saw this today….
Tips from Yahoo.com on how to become a happier person:
1. Stop Being Materialistic. If you find joy in things, the happiness will be short-lived --remember things can be lost or broken and what you have will never be enough.
2. Not Defining Yourself with a Title. It's great to be a doctor, mother or lawyer, but titles can be lost. Try taking pride in just being you.
3. Getting Rid of Your Clutter. Purge and find peace. Throw out, sell, or donate items you don't need --disorganization can cause inner turmoil and stress.
4. Meditating. This isn't just for granola-lovin' hippies, anymore. Scientists discovered that folks trained in meditation have different brain activity and respond better to stressful situations
5. Having a Structured Schedule. Make a routine and stick to it --eating, sleeping, exercising and doing other activities at the same time every day can lead to inner peace.
6. Surrounding Yourself With Positivity. Toxic people can influence your mood

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12/18/2012 9:30AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 12-18
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