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Sam and Lissa's Blog 12-17

Was hard working this morning….no doubt about…
Knowing we had to talk about the tragedy. 3 days later, it is still all we can think about…
And it is so hard to do without losing it, without crying. But we also wanted to bring you some “Sam and Lissa”…help you smile at least a little.
So if you felt we didn’t do enough this morning in talking about our broken hearts and the tragedy overall we apologize. It was all we could handle!!! And just maybe it was all you could handle too…and wanted some silliness.
It may be too late for this kind of advice if you have young kids but I did see this morning from WeAreChildrens.org. May be something to share:
1.)  Turn Off the News.  If you have CNN running on a loop all day, young kids might misunderstand and think the shooting is happening over and over again.  So make sure they understand it's NOT, and that the guy who did it is gone now.
 2.)  Encourage Them to Ask Questions.  Obviously, you don't need to tell them all the DETAILS.  And you shouldn't FORCE them to talk about it.  But maybe just ask if they've heard what happened, and go from there. 
3.)  Put It in Perspective.  Make sure they know this isn't something that happens all the time.  Young kids might need some reassurance that they're safe, and they don't have to worry when they go to school each day. 
4.)  Don't Tell Them That What They're Feeling Is Wrong.  A young kid might tell you they're HAPPY, because no one they KNOW was hurt. 
And if they say something like that, don't feel like you have to explain why they SHOULD be sad.  Just be supportive, and tell them you're glad too.  But you're sad for the people who DID get hurt.
5.)  Keep a Closer Eye on Kids Who Have Been Through Something Traumatic Before.  Just like with adults, a NEW traumatic event can bring back a lot of bad memories.  But kids don't always show it the same way.
May we all have happier days.


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12/17/2012 9:21AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 12-17
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