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Sam and Lissa's Blog 12-11

For the OMG report this morning I did the story on the 6 year old suspended from first grade for kissing a girl on her hand. Unbelievable!!! Plus he now has on his permanent file “sexual harassment”. But maybe I should have done this one as it is such a wonderful Christmas story.
The Canadian airline WESTJET asked passengers before take off what they wanted for Christmas. And when they landed and went to get their luggage at baggage claim, the presents came out on the conveyor belt …wrapped and with their names on them. Yes, they got 150 volunteers actually go out and buy the stuff people requested including tablets, free airline tickets, and a 50-inch television.
Of course, there were the passengers who didn’t take it seriously and wrote down silly stuff like the one guy who said he wanted underwear and socks….and yes, that’s what he had waiting for him. But even he was happy.
So what airline are you flying next time you’re in Canada? That would be WESTJET!!!


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12/11/2013 10:06AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 12-11
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