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Dieting…is it tough for you to start one?
According to a new survey, 8 out of 10 women buy clothes that are too small because they think it will help motivate them. More than 2-thirds have banned their entire family from eating certain snacks so they won’t be tempted themselves. 1 in 2 use smaller plates to trick themselves into eating less. Almost half put a “fat” photo of themselves somewhere in the kitchen to keep from snacking. And 25 percent have put up a photo of a skinny celebrity. And half of women say they’ve banned their family from watching at least one food related TV show.
Any of these ring true?
Would this be a good time to share the 6 things to do with leftover Halloween Candy? Isn’t all the good stuff gone anyway…but if not
1. Add it to recipes….not to the lasagna but to the popcorn or pretzils for a snack mix. Use some in cakes or drop some n the frosting and its supposed to be awesome in cookie dough.
2. Put it in your coffee.
3. Pair it with liquor.
4. Stow it away for when you need a bribe for your child or even hubby.
5. Use it for decorating. Left over Mand M’s (like there would be any) would look good on a gingerbread house.
6. Bring it to work or as a caller said this morning drop it off at one of the many schools and places making care boxes for the troops!!!  


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11/07/2013 9:59AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-7
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