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You ever watch Millionaire Matchmaker? I do sometimes and always think where do they find these people? I don’t know what it’s called but my friend says there’s some sort of dating service very similar here in the Bay Area. No need for me…as you may know I have found my Mr. Right…and yes I waited a long long long time to do so.
But if you’re still looking for Mr. Right and would like one with a lot of money…I saw this from a sugar daddy matchmaking website called SeekingArrangement.com.
The 5 things successful guys(making over $250k a year look for in a woman:
#1.)  Communication skills:  Misspellings or inappropriate abbreviations in emails or texts are a deal breaker.  53% of the men preferred actual spoken communication to online.   
#2.)  Posture:  78% of the men said that if a beautiful woman slouches or hunches over when she stands, it makes it seem like she has bad manners and low self-confidence.
#3.)  Her walk:  26% of men said that a woman should look graceful when she walks.
#4.)  Sense of self:  A woman that exaggerates her knowledge of current events, politics, or culture is a turn-off for successful men.
#5.)  Hair:  It should be well-groomed . . . and not an unnatural color.
HMMMMMM!!! How about we ask what a woman would like in a successful guy. I like that question better!!!!


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11/06/2012 9:42AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-6
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