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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-25

Weird workplace rules. We all think we have one or two.
But these are really strange!!! And we suspect they came about because someone was dumb enough to do something stupid in the first place.
 1.  At a restaurant:  "Don't mop the floor of the walk-in freezer."
 2.  At a gym:  "No Scooters on the treadmills."
 3.  At a pet store:  "Do not lick the reptiles."
 4.  At a medical school:  "Do not steal the penises from the cadavers."
 5.  At a retail store:  "Don't jump on the customers."
 6.  At a Best Buy:  "No uploading pictures of your genitals on the computers."
 7.  At Ikea:  "Toilets presented here are for decoration only."
 8.  At an office:  "No bringing Tupperware to corporate events to load up with food to take home."
 9.  At a retail store:  "If you must have sex in the parking lot, please take off your vest and nametag first."
 10.  At a shoe store:  "The foot measuring tool is for measuring feet only."
So do tell….What is the stupidest or silliest rule you have at your job?
Just looking at this week I think it’s pretty silly that a lot of schools are only in session for two days this week. Why didn’t they take the whole week off? I bet a lot of kids are calling in sick for these two days. I’m looking at Facebook and a lot of people seem to be in Disneyland right now!!!!


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11/25/2013 10:09AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-25
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