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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-21

Here is the list we talked about this morning.
The things we all do but never admit to doing.
Being Lissa…I right off the bat revealed that I have gone into the bathroom at work and run the water to make it seem like I was washing my hands. And lookie here, that same thing is on the list which means I am not the only one who has done, but perhaps the only one to admit to it. I will add though I almost always do wash my hands.
Sam’s is on the list too…..smelling his finger to see if it really does stink.
Here they all are: 
Unfairly judging people at first glance . . . sometimes based on gender or race. 
Changing a story just a little bit as you tell it, to make it better.
Picturing a couple having sex when you find out they're pregnant.
Talking to yourself at home, in the car, and maybe even in public.
Replaying fights and arguments in your head . . . only THIS time, you say all those brilliant things that came to you afterwards, and YOU win the argument.
Fantasizing about getting hit by a car or catching a disease . . . not life threatening, but just bad enough to get you out of work for a while. 
Smelling your finger after you put it somewhere bad.  Whether it's your crack, armpit, ear, belly button, between your toes, wherever. 
Stalking people on Facebook and taking some pleasure in their unhappiness. 
Skipping washing your hands . . . but running the water in case someone's listening.
Any other obvious one I missed? Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself…I do it all the time!!!! 



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11/21/2013 10:21AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-21
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