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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-21

Here are the 10 people you'll encounter on Thanksgiving from TheFW.com.
   1. The Drunken Uncle. There's always one relative that uses any excuse --whether it's a funeral or child's birthday --to get schnockered. Keep an ear out for this dude; he'll probably make at least a dozen extremely offensive comments.
   2. The Terrified Boyfriend. Lots of people bring their new love home for the holidays, which can be tricky. Families are --as a rule --pretty crazy and the new person will have to endure quality conversation with people they don't even know.
   3. The Couch Sleeper. Look out for tired overeaters and remember to keep a camera handy for those embarrassing pictures.
   4. The TMI Grandma. This lady bakes wonderful cookies and has no filter whatsoever. Beware --you'll probably hear intimate details about grandpa and a nasty rash that won't go away.
   5. The Uptight Aunt. This woman is trying to balance turkey, gravy, potatoes, six other sides, 20 guests and feeling the pressure. She could blow at any second so keep any smart remarks to you and compliment her seasonal decor. 
    6. The Leftover Hog. This is the person that feels no remorse taking home five turkey legs, two dozen rolls and an entire pie.
   7. The Thanksgiving Food Hater. This special someone can't stand traditional fare, but always shows up to sulk and probably has no problem with the adult beverages.
   8. The Person Who Stuffs Themselves Silly. This poor soul has no control when it comes to a buffet and will keep stuffing their face until nausea kicks in. Yuck.
   9. The Football Fanatic. Having a game on in the background is very American, but this sports fan is zero'd in on the tube and won't say a word to anyone the entire day.
   10. The Health Nut. This is probably a middle-aged mom that brings fresh fruits and veggies, a tofu turkey and gluten-free rolls. Be nice to her --she means well and won't take the last slice of pumpkin pie.
Happy Happy Thanksgiving…whoever is sitting at your table!!!

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11/21/2012 8:35AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-21
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