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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-19

How many holiday parties do you usually go to?
Not a lot for me, although now that I’ve got a “significant other”
I do tend to go to more than I did when I was alone.
The study we had this morning said the average woman, which apparently is not me, but might be you, puts in almost 50 hours preparing for holiday parties.
That’s 21 hours of shopping for outfits. OK, that might be me..LOL. I try not to wear the same thing because you could run into the same people at these parties.
18 hours at the gym working out.
6 hours researching a hairstyle, then getting their hair done.
4 hours of make up, fake tanning and teeth whitening.
The study claims women spend more time preparing for the Christmas party season than any other major event, including a friend’s wedding, New Year’s Eve, a birthday party or a big date.
So who is ready or willing to admit to being the “average” woman?
What about not wearing the same outfit to more than one party? Got you there, didn’t I?


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11/19/2013 9:59AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-19
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