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We do this “thing” now at 5:40 and 7:40 every morning called OMG….because
from what I hear that is my favorite expression. I do admit I say it a lot!!
And I never seem to have a problem finding one first thing in this morning. This morning there were two though…one about the 9 year old Minnesota kid who got through security
And flew to Vegas without a ticket. Yes, he is now grounded and until he turns 18.
I went with this one but I’m thinking I should have gone with this one instead.
Its out of England. A 36 year old man was about to get married but forgot to book the venue. And that was probably the only thing he had to do!!!!!So on the day of the wedding, he called in a bomb threat so the place would be shut down and it was. When the groom, bride and their families and friends showed up for the wedding, they were told they couldn’t get in the building because it was shut down due to a bomb threat. So off they went!!! The guy thought he had been saved.  WRONG. The call was traced to him. He’s now pleaded guilty to communicating false information with intent and will be soon sentenced.  No he never did get married, but for some reason his fiancé is still with him.
OMG!!! And OMG!!!!



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10/07/2013 9:35AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 10-7
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