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How these silly things get started I don’t know but every Presidential election Family Circle Magazine….which I do get…hosts a cookie contest between the two potential First Ladies. I call it silly but you know what…the magazine has correctly predicted the results of 4 out of 5 elections. I guess this is as scientific as the story the other day from the Halloween stores about political masks…that the candidate with the higher sales…also wins…and right now it is President Obama.
SO back to cookies…Michelle Obama and Ann Romney both gave recipes to the magazine… 9 thousand people voted…and it was close but Michelle’s white and dark chocolate chip cookies beat Ann’s M and M cookies by 287 votes…
Closest cookie election ever..
The last Presidential election….Cindy McCain’s oatmeal-butterscotch cookies beat Michelle’s lemon and orange shortbread cookies but the rumor was McCain cheated by copying her recipe off a Hershey box…
All I can say if any of this really matters in a Presidential election….I’m moving to another country…LOL!!!


10/03/2012 9:49AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 10-3
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