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Sam and Lissa's Blog 10-23

So here it is….the 8 people you should be tipping.
Got it from Yahoo so if you have a disagreement take it up with Marissa Mayer.
And BTW, if you do get her on the phone, please tell her I think she is great!!! LOL!!
You may already tip the first one..
The hair stylist’s assistant. If someone other than your stylist washes or blow dries your hair you should tip at least $5.
The DJ or band at a club. If you make a special request, and get it leave a tip. $5 a song.
The hotel concierge. Not for a simple question but if you ask them to make a dinner reservation or get tickets, expect to tip $5 or even more depending on how complicated your request is.  I have never seen anyone do this!!!!
All hotel staff- If the pool guy brings you a towel no tip but if he opens up an umbrella they say $3. If anyone brings something to the room, even a toothbrush, tip them a couple of bucks. Valets $1-2 per suitcase and housekeeping usually gets one or two dollars a day per person. Sam does that…but even leaves more.
Courtesy shuttle drivers. Free ride, and  you should tip.
 If someone shuttles you through an airport on a cart or in a wheelchair-$1-3
Gym staff- Not your personal trainer…as he or she should get a gift during the holidays but if someone on staff helps with the machines or your workout, you’re supposed to write a thank you note and enclose some cash.
Non-medical staff in an assisted living facility. This one is easy. You always tip the person who does something special for your loved ones.
Tour Guides- The tour is usually prepaid but expect to pay the tour guide $5 per person per day. And don’t forget the bus driver. He’s supposed to be getting a couple of bucks.
I don’t know about you…but I am now broke!!!


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10/23/2013 10:26AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 10-23
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