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Sam and Lissa's Blog 10-17

This one sure hit a nerve…..the most annoying habits at the gym.
The top five are” Hogging or monopolizing the equipment at busy times.
Does anyone pay attention to the sign that says 30 minute limit? NO
Not returning the free weights to the rack
Leaving the equipment covered in sweat
Bad personal hygiene
But two more…..people who don’t work out and just appear to be posing and talking loudly on cell phones.
And then there’s what Sam this morning called  “gym-timidation”
which is exactly what happened to me in New York the other day at the hotel gym.
I was using the treadmill. Had it on 4.3 speed which is a brisk walk for my “short legs”
And a woman came over and said I was making too much noise. I responded yes, I know this thing is squealing, must need some WD40. No, she said I was walking too hard…improperly… and not doing myself any good at all. Plus she said I shouldn’t be holding on to the bar in front of me. If not, why is that bar there? LOL.  Anyway, I must have looked as embarrassed as I felt because she then said I was adorable but she’s a personal trainer and was just trying to help. So I did what she said and then as soon as she left I went back to the way I always walk the treadmill…fast and hanging on for dear life!!!
I knew I shouldn’t have gotten out of PE in high school when I had scoliosis. I never learned how to walk correctly!!!!!



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10/17/2013 10:32AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 10-17
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