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This one just baffles me..and maybe because I am not in my kitchen very often. But a story today that if your iPhone gets destroyed, its probably going to happen at home and its probably your fault. I get that…but they say the kitchen is the place where most cell phone accidents happen. How can that be? Have you ever damaged your phone in the kitchen. What did you do? The only thing I can think of is you drop in a sink full of water..but who even has that. Don’t most of use dishwashers..LOL!!!
The living room is second most common place to break your phone….then the bathroom, the driveway and the bedroom.
And the liquid you’re most likely to spill on your phone is of course water, followed by soda, beer and then coffee and tea.
How many times have you destroyed your cell phone? And just what did you do?
Twice for me…once in the washing machine..and once in the tub while my feet were soaking during a pedicure. And that’s why I have insurance…You too?


10/17/2012 9:24AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 10-17
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