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Was a discussion online the other day about the one thing you could do to make people’s jobs easier? Listen and laugh with us would be good for “Sam and Lissa”. But here are what a few other people came up with and they all make sense.
Surgeon:  When the Dr. says don’t eat or drink before an operation, he or she means it.
If there’s food in your stomach you could choke when they take out the breathing tube.
You could also probably throw up.
Graphic Designers: Don’t want to hear you say “make it pop” when you place an order.
Paramedics: Pull over to the right for sirens and flashing lights and stay there until all the ambulances and fire trucks have passed.
Nurses: Don’t lie about your weight. They need to hear the truth.
Pizza Delivery Guy: Make sure your doorbell works and your address is visible. If not let them know when you order.
Criminal Defense Attorney: (not that you’d ever need one of these) But exercise your right to remain silent. You make their job infinitely harder when you’ve said anything.
Haunted House worker: Don’t hit them when you get scared.
911 Operator: If you accidentally call 911, don’t hang up. You won’t do it quick enough and they’ll still have to send a cop to your house.
Soldier: Don’t ask them if they’ve ever killed anyone.
Did I miss something? Any advice from your profession?http://www.facebook.com/SamVanZandtKBAY


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10/16/2013 9:31AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 10-16
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