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There are two stores I try to stay away from when I’m trying to watch my spending...
Costco and Target. Yours too? I can’t walk out of either without buying a ton of stuff I didn’t need.
So this headline grabbed my eye….5 marketing tricks that make you overspend at the grocery store. Forget the buy one get one free. That gets me every time. These aren’t as blatant…but just as sneaky.
They under staff the checkout lanes on purpose so while you’re waiting you buy a magazine or a candy bar or in my case a thing of mints.
They make the store smell delicious….Yep..you’re automatically drawn to the bakery or the deli.
They put things at the ends of aisles even if they’re not on sale. That’s how I usually end up with chips in my cart.
And companies pay more to have their products at eye level…The generic brands are near the floor. The sugary cereals are also closer to the floor because one your kids grab them you’re more likely to say okay.
Have to admit…I’ve fallen for every single one of these….What did I miss…What’s your weakness?
Hope you read your KBAY Connection Newsletter today… The holidays have arrived..
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Everything’s coming up pumpkins!!!!




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10/12/2011 9:52AM
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