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So isn’t this the time of year…we all start to gain weight?
Should I be correct…LOL!!
Let me share the latest issue of Cosmopolitan
8 diet trucks that don’t involve dieting!!! I knew that would grab you…. 
  1. Eat more. Eating bigger portions will make you feel fuller longer. Just  fill up on fruits and veggies , not fries and  burgers.
  2.  Read labels. They say you will have a lower BMI overall and weigh about 8 pounds less. 
  3. Get Slice-Happy. Cutting up your food seems to make you eat less (huh)
  4. Savor Your Food—Like I did with my Big Mac  . Focus on what you’re eating to get full.
  5.  Listen to Soft Music- They say while eating, it can cut your caloric intake by up to 175 calories per meal.
  6. Don’t skip Meals-
  7. Drink Cold Water. Jennifer Lopez says she does…so that’s good enough for me.
  8. Don’t look at Junk Food. I knew I shouldn’t have read this article..LOL!!!

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10/01/2012 9:35AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 10-1
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