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If you’ve got little kids, or you are a teacher you’ve probably experienced this already this school year. Does he/she stay home or not? Just how sick is he/she? And I’ve already admitted when my girls were in school I would say “you’re going” but not because of child care issues but because if they missed a day they sometimes missed too much. It was hard to catch up.
I know…I probably shouldn’t have. Although you will be happy to know I never sent them to school with pink eye, a fever or if they were throwing up. Hmmmm…I guess I didn’t always make them go to school!!!! I’m not so bad after all…
But here are the rules we had this morning. When does your child have to stay home.
He or she has a fever
He or she was vomiting or had diarrhea the day before
He or she just started antibiotics
He or she has pinkeye
He or she is lethargic or not acting like him or herself.
SO let me ask you…does it annoy you when parents send their kids into the classroom sick. Or are you like me…and you’ve done it too?   
Pass the Kleenex...BTW!!!


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10/01/2013 10:15AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 10-1
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