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So everyone is asking….How was Thailand?
Yes…it was indeed out of my comfort zone..
But I’m so glad I went. I will say I didn’t see many of the same places Amazing Race always shows. Instead our tour guides…who did speak English by the way, took us through historic Thailand…the poor villages…temple after temple…..and authentic Thai restaurants which is why I ate a lot of rice. The food was my least favorite thing. It certainly doesn’t taste like it does here…LOL!!!
Learned a lot… covered a lot of ground…Bangkok, Phuket, Chaing Mai and Chaing Rai
Thai people…even those who live in poverty…are all so nice…and so happy…and so hospitable. Yes, they would often invite us into their grass shacks. Oh..and the floating market in Bangkok is unbelievable…dozens of boats..if not hundreds… all jammed in a river…drifting by markets that are selling food, souvenirs and local goods. May have been the coolest thing we did!!!
And I fell in love with elephants which are treated like pets….They, in some cases, live a better life than the villagers. There is a lot of beautiful untouched land. We even crossed the border into Myanmar which was very neat.
Came home with lots of pictures…some I posted yesterday, and lots of mosquito bites!!!
And the plane ride you ask? Yes….it is unbelievably long….12 hours to Bejing..and then another 5 to Thailand with a wait in between. Coming home, we were at the Bejing Airport for 8 hours waiting for the connecting flight home. That part of the trip isn’t fun… Final question? Would I go again……Loved it..but NO!!!! (im a Hawaii gal)


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01/09/2013 10:13AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 1-9
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