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Sam and Lissa's Blog 1/6

So about half of the nation today has a temperature of zero or below.
Honestly, what is that like? I have no idea. I think I’ve been in the teens before
late at night in Tahoe, but never in minus weather. I guess you don’t go out
unless you have a morning radio show and have no choice LOL!!!
Forgot to mention this today…..Ty Warner the Beanie Baby guy has to pay up for evading taxes in over $100 million he stashed away in secret Swiss bank accounts.
Hey…that’s some of my money…yours too I suspect. He’s still a billionaire thanks to all of us with kids in their 20s who had to have every single Beanie Baby ever made. Remember running to every McDonalds you could find to get them in the Happy Meals?
They say Ty owes about $70 million and will probably get jail time. I was going to suggest we all sell our Beanie Babies that we still have in the garage and put together bail money, but then realized we couldn’t get enough bail money because nobody would buy our Beanie Babies. Plus to figure out how much we would get, we’d need a “Bean” counter. And who has one of those…LOL!!
I just remember a few years ago I took hundreds of Beanie Babies to the Flea Market and sold them for a dime a piece.
Sad…but true…Don’t we all have a Baby Beanie story? I think so!!!
And now so does Ty Warner!!!

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01/06/2014 10:10AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 1/6
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