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 You read the tabloids….you know the Star, the Enquirer, In Touch?I never miss People and I do have a subscription to US Weekly. I think People is the Bible of Gossip. I believe what I read but not sure about US.All  the other tabloids I look at when no one is around…LOL… Vacation trash I call them.

So tell me if you think these tidbits are true? Category is hotel stories of the stars (In Touch) and supposedly told by hotel workers:

   --FERGIE has answered the door for room service wearing nothing (or a towel)

   --JENNIFER ANISTON is obsessed with working out and has equipment delivered to her room
COURTNEY LOVE wants rooms near hot men staying in the same hotel
JAY-Z and BEYONCE never leave a tip

Geez…even Sam leaves a tip when he stays at a hotel….even for one night in San Jose. In fact, he’s got me doing it now. I always wonder though…who else leaves a tip for the maids? We now know Jay-Z and Beyonce don’t but do you?

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01/06/2012 9:36AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 1-6
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