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It’s definitely a Super Bowl weekend.
Whether or not you watch, I don’t know how you avoid it.
But I do watch and I do love every minute of it. And strangely enough I prefer to watch it alone.I don’t like going to parties as I truly love the game.
And yes I am cheering all the way for the Denver Broncos.  I liked them even before I came to dislike the Seattle Seahawks..LOL
Have you been to the grocery store this week?
It’s like Christmas and Thanksgiving. You can’t maneuver around all the displays. It’s just that now they’re all about the snacks.
Sunday, as a nation we will eat 42 million pounds of snack and junk food.
11 million pounds of potato chips.
12 million pounds of avocados
8 million pounds of tortilla chips
4 million pounds of pretzels
4 million pounds of popcorn
2.5 million pounds of mixed nuts
And one 12 pound cheese wheel….JOKE!!!
And is pizza considered junk food…as Dominos will sell over 1.2 million pies.
And no jokes please on dominos pizza being junk…I actually like it. Some other chains also sell over 40 percent more pizzas than on any other Sunday.
And what do we eat on Monday? And this is true… antacids!! Yep….Tums and other antacid sales spike 20 percent on Monday. Buy them early so you’re prepared!!!
And go Denver!! BTW…Monday morning, while I’m sure we’re raving about Bruno Mars during the halftime show we will have one last set of tickets to his August show in San Jose. That’s at 7:20…and then you can start to buy them. They go on sale at 10!!!



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01/31/2014 9:40AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 1-31
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