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So here’s the latest scam you have to watch out for.
If you get a call on your cell phone from a number you don’t know
And it only rings once…DO NOT CALL BACK!!!
Scammers in the Caribbean have a computer that calls thousands of random cell phone numbers, then disconnects after one ring. And the phone number it's coming from looks local.
But it’s not. You call back and it’s secretly an international call. The charge $19.95 to make the connection, then $9 per minute..
They haven’t caught them yet but the BBB is looking.
I actually got one of these calls the other day, but I never call back numbers I don’t recognize. I Googled  “what is this phone number” and saw it was a scam. A listener called this morning. She too got the call the other day.  Can’t believe all the scammers out there right now..
Something a little more fun…also from this morning and this too can come in handy.
The 6 phrases people use when they’re getting ready to lie to you or say something mean.
1.  "I want you to know 
2.  "As far as I know."   
3.  "I'm just saying
 4.  "I hate to be the one to tell you."
 5.  "Don't take this the wrong way
6.   "To be perfectly honest with you
And then their noses grow…LOL


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01/30/2014 10:12AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 1-30
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