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You know how they say yawning is contagious. You look at someone and they’re yawning….so you do it. I think the same thing holds true about scratching.
Try and catch yourself…Someone with you scratches themselves and I bet you do too.  I'm feeling itchy just writing about it!!!
And is this not odd….a study was actually done on what part of the body that feels best to scratch…..and guess what it is? Your ANKLE!!! Who knew? Or maybe the proper answer would be who ever thought about it..LOL  They say you get more pleasure scratching your ankles than your backs or forearms.. Sort of making fun of all this…but the reason why they’re studying this is to find ways to relieve itches for people with skin diseases like eczema. 
I actually think I scratch my nose more than anything else. Wonder what that means?
See what you learn from Sam and Lissa….

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01/30/2012 9:55AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 1-30
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