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OMG…or in this case OM-Gum…..
Still can’t get over what we learned this morning about gum.
I don’t think I will ever chew gum again and I don’t know if Sam will either.
Let’s see about you.
Here they are the 5 weird and disturbing things about gum….
If you like mint flavored gum..it makes fruit taste bad so you end up eating less of that and more of candy and chips. So much for chewing gum because you’re on a diet!!!
It triggers TMJ..which is a three letter term for “temporomandibular joint disorder”. Yeah..stick to TMJ. It means sore jaw from too much chewing.
You could get IBS….from all the chewing that makes you swallow a bunch of air.
Your teeth will rot….but only if its sugared gum. Artificially sweetened gum works as a laxative.
Gum is made from sheep fat which is a lanolin that keeps the gum soft. But its made from secretions from a sheep’s glands.
I will stick to mints now …You?LOL


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01/28/2014 10:19AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 1-28
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