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2 things we talked about this morning that could change your life.
That might be a little dramatic..LOL..but they could  make things easier.
A new study says the key to ending an argument with your husband or wife is?
Dimming the lights!!! You don’t need to get the candles out and music…all you need to do is dim the lights. They say bright lights make people more aggressive and emotional…so when they dimmed the lights, the couples got less upset and it stopped the argument.  You’re welcome!!!
And here’s advice for work. Clean your workstation. It contains up to 400 times more bacteria than the grimiest surface in your home. In fact, the spot by your mouse where you regularly rest your hand can harbor up to 10 million bugs. So keep one of those container of disinfecting wipes on your desk…use one a day.
You’re welcome!!!!



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01/27/2014 9:13AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 1-27
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