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This is such a great question…and a fun one!!!
If you became a billionaire, what is the first SIMPLE thing you’d buy?
Here’s what we have so far.
And then you add yours.
It shouldn’t take much thought…as it’s just the first thing that comes to mind that you could actually do without any planning. 
1.  "I'd go to a bar and buy everyone a round of drinks.  I've always wanted to be the guy who gets to say, 'A round of drinks for everyone!'" 
2.  "I'd finally buy a giant trampoline.  Maybe two giant trampolines." 
3.  "I'd buy a whole family bucket of KFC and just eat the skins." 
4.  "I'd buy new socks . . . every day for the rest of my life." 
5.  "I'd finally buy the first Nintendo.  As a kid, all my friends had it but my parents wouldn't get me one.  I just had to watch my friends play.  I'd finally get one."
6.  "I'd finally send my laundry out instead of doing it myself." 
And number 7…what would yours be?
I said this morning “dinner at an easy place like Cheesecake Factory…and then I’d get a pair of shoes at Macys on the way home.” Sam said “he’d buy an electric shaver”. 


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01/24/2014 10:00AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 1-24
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