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Just how excited are you for the Super Bowl?
I love the Super Bowl so much I actually don’t go to parties
Because I truly want to watch the game….undistracted by people or food.
And this year it’s even more exciting because our beloved Niners are in it!!
I don’t even think if I could buy a ticket for a reasonable amount I would want to go..
But at least that’s not a problems there is no reasonably priced ticket.
The average ticket is $3000…That’s crazy!!!! And a lot of them are going for as much as $10,000…SO before you give-in…LOL….I found this list of questions to ask yourself:
   --"Do they have anything in the more affordable $9,000 range?"
   --"Can I marry and divorce a millionaire in less than two weeks?"
   --"Can I afford it after spending $8,000 on a Pro Bowl ticket?"
   --"Isn't this why the rest of the world hates us?"
   --"Would it make more sense to watch at home and spend $10 grand on snacks?"
   --"Before I spend the money, which team is Harbaugh's dad betting on?"
    --"If I've got $10 grand, could I buy, like, the Oakland Raiders?"
   --"Will I forever be known as 'The idiot who spent $10,000 on a Super Bowl ticket?'"
I’m guessing you’ll be staying home…
You can thank me later….LOL!!!


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01/23/2013 10:23AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 1-23
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