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We were talking buffets this morning and how much you really need to eat to get your money’s worth. I guess if you leave full you definitely got your money’s worth but the bottom line is the restaurant is making money off of you no matter what. You need to eat a TON before restaurants lose money on you.
Heres how they broke it down.
Standard buffet. Everyone goes for the crab legs which cost $3-4 a pound. It’s usually the most expensive item on the table. So if the buffet is $20 you’d have to eat 5-7 pounds of just crab legs.
Roast beef costs about $2.50 a pound.
Chinese Buffet. You’d need to eat at least 8-10 plates stacked up with just meat….no rice or other inexpensive stuff.
Pizza buffet.  Believe it or not, a whole pizza costs the restaurant $1.25. I know hard to believe. So if the buffet is $5, you need to eat a lot of pizza!!!
Old Country Buffet. They claim the average customer eats about $2.50 worth of food and the average price is $13. So keep on eating!!
I’m already stuffed just thinking about it!!!



01/21/2014 10:27AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 1-21
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