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How to get well within 36 hours…?
Aren’t we all suffering with something…a cold, the flu, aches and pains…no voice?
The boss was stunned when he heard me this morning…I’m almost totally back to normal…So here’s what I did…gargled with warm salt water every couple of hours..
Tea with honey (had to go to the neighborhood Starbucks for that) Zinc lozenges (although my Dr. told me he doesn’t think much of those)…oh…and a Drs visit too.
He put me on Azithromycin and told me to buy Robituson (sp) DM or Musinex.
Whatever it was…it worked like magic..,,plus the fact I stayed in out of the cold and missed a day of work!!!
Your co pay by the way is $25…LOL!!!
And keep this in mind….that you need to wash your hands a lot….and for 20 seconds at a time which is like singing two  renditions of the Happy Birthday song. Hey sing it in front of others and say “Happy Birthday to me” and maybe you’ll get a present as well as clean hands.
Since this has turned into a medical blog you have any tricks you can share. It will be awhile before we’re done with flu/cold season!!!!


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01/14/2013 10:00AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 1-14
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