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Sam and Lissa 12-10

If anyone knows how to break into your home..it’s a burglar.. So true!!!..
So here you go….a survey of burglars …on how they operate and what scares them off..

#1.)  A burglar is most likely to enter through an open door or window.  About two-thirds of burglars break in through a door or window that's unlocked.
#2.)  A guard dog is the number one deterrent.  69% of burglars said they are most likely to avoid a house it there's a dog.  Burglars are more scared of dogs than of alarm systems . . . or even of YOU being inside the house.
#3.)  Leaving the lights and TV on doesn't fool them.  If you think that leaving the lights and TV on will make them think someone's home and keep them from breaking in . . . it won't.  They know that trick.
#4.)  They use Facebook.  The majority of burglars said they scout Facebook to see when people are on vacation.
#5.)  Parties are one of their favorite ways to rob a house.  Burglars say one of the easiest ways to steal stuff is to go to a party and pretend they're a guest. 
Anything else you can add?  I certainly hope you don’t know first hand.
Break-ins are just terrible…


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12/10/2012 10:23AM
Sam and Lissa 12-10
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