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Sam and Lissa 10-25

Not sure if this is made up or not but Sam and I both got a kick out of it. Think you will too. Comes from a town in Kenya. A guy named Jeckonia and his wife Truphena were both cheating on each other. Last week Jeckonia told his wife he has to go to western Kenya for an urgent family event. They said their goodbyes at the bus stop…and off he went..not to a family event… but to a nearby hotel to meet his mistress. As for wife Truphena…she too took off..and went to meet the guy she was having an affair with. They went to a hotel. Okay…you’ve figured out the rest. They ended up at the same hotel. And without realizing it they had adjacent rooms. Both couples were in their rooms when Jeckonia decided to call his wife to keep up his story. But when he called her, he heard her ringtone through the wall and then heard her answer the call. They opened the doors connecting the adjacent rooms , saw each other and OOPSIES…Last we checked..they were at home trying to work things out. And yes you can share this!!!!
Don’t know if the story is true or not but this certainly is. At 8:10 listen for your name and if you hear it…you’ll have $1000 in holiday spending money…(providing you call in by 9 at 1 800 948-KBAY)

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10/25/2011 10:01AM
Sam and Lissa 10-25
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